Thursday, March 05, 2009


ok so i can't stand Tyra Banks.... her over-the-top-ness has just taken it's toll... seriously. enough is enough. yet despite my disdain for all things tyra, i find myself, season after season (or cycle after cycle in antm talk) glued to the tv watching america's next top model. it's the show i love to hate... and tyra is the host i love to hate... it drives me crazy...
anyway, i do have a few favorites already. i think Fo is adorable... and I like aminet (from Jersey.. HOLLA) and that might be it. I started out liking Sandra, but the more she talked, the more i disliked her... I like London too even though i don't quite get her yet.. i think she is cute. and the puerto rican girl is pretty...
next year they are looking for people 5'7" and under... so I call my younger sis Claw and tell her punk arse to try out. she is 5'6" and she is actually pretty photogenic. she had a million excuses as to why she couldn't. i eventually hung up on her. i mean this is the same girl who at 2, a pageant scout was will to pay all her expenses to compete (my parents declined). She has done the round the way stuff like local fashion shows and some hair magazines (nothing that actually requires any talent) but she also was walking down the street in England (she did a semester abroad) and a random photographer actually paid her to take pics. she is a nerd... what is the harm in trying? the worse that can happen is they say no and you keep it moving. but why not at least try? weirder things have happened... anyway, i am attaching some photos. tell me what you think.

one of the pics she took in England... one of my faves

one of the hair magazine pics

this is my least favorite because whoever did her lashes needs to be fired. but this was for that same hair magazine...

I think she looks like a man a lil in that las tone BUT she has tons of cool pics and she is in decent shape... even after having a kid. i dunno... what's the worse that can happen? what a nerd.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day HOORAY!!

not a long post today...

I stayed home from work since there is like 10" of snow outside and it is still snowing. I am going to try to utilize this time wisely. I plan on organizing some stuff that needs organizing and maybe get rid of some clutter... old magazines and what not.

so the sneaker con was ok. met some dope people... saw some dope kicks.... and dinner was a lot of fun. food was pretty good and we hung out with nina... turned out to be fun. what sucked was driving home from NYC in the snow... torture.

anyway, I'll let Chris blog about the sneaker con... i'm sure he'll add some pics too.

later! i am gonna take a nap before i start my cleaning!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


work sucks.

so when i first started this gig, we were winning prizes left and right for sales. in my first year in this dept, i won a laptops, 3 tv's, a dvd player, a wii, a blender, a surround sound system (that's still in the box), and i'm sure i am forgetting some stuff. but that was on top of payouts and a couple thousand $ in gift cards (macy's, foot locker, walmart, target, etc.).... so we went from that to now getting crap. and not only are we getting crap, but we have to sell like 3x's as much to get the crap... now this last year, i did win a cofee maker, a small flat screen LCD tv, and another laptop... but that was so few and far between... and i had to work my tush off to get it. but that is not my complaint. my complaint is now we win freakin glitter balls for selling 3 tv packages, and an internet and phone... like seriously... a freakin glitter ball. see example a below.

like are they serious?
I am grown.. a glitter ball? and the kicker is it was a raffle... so i busted my arse in sales and got 6 entries. what did i win? a *bleep*ing glitter ball.
uhg... not to mention there hasn't been any big prizes in a long time. i guess it's better than nothing. and i'll stop complaining since there are people who don't have any job right now. but a glitter ball is insulting.

oh and yes that is a Dexter bobble head in the background!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm gettin old... boooooooo

So today is Fat Tuesday and I have no plans... i mean no happy hour... no south street excursions. booooooo. i don't even have the desire to look for anything to do. that is how i know i am getting old. seriously, in my early 20's, there wasn't an alcohol-associated "holiday" that i didn't partake of. ha!
but lately, i could care less... i didn't even realize it was fat tuesday until someone on my team mentioned it. oh well

so everyday, we have a team chat that we are required to join. i could probably get fired for this BUT this is an excerpt from today's chat. it is in reference to the rant i had a few days ago about people coming to work looking like harlots. apparently, i am not the only one who notices... also i was going to change the names to protect the innocent but that was gonna take too long sooooo i just deleted the last names.

kirk: more news on the dress code
10:16:49 AM: Kirk: no sweats
10:16:53 AM: Mark: lol
10:16:57 AM: Edward: lol
10:16:59 AM: Kirk: and sneakers are at team leaders discretion
10:17:03 AM: Mark: no dirty clothes
10:17:04 AM: Kirk: so i think we are all good
10:17:08 AM: Kirk: cause liz i know u were gonna have a fit
10:17:18 AM: Elizabeth (me): lol
10:17:19 AM: Elizabeth: true
10:17:39 AM: Kirk: no flip flops
10:17:41 AM: Nordia (harlot dressing chick): when did we start the dress code?
10:17:46 AM: Mark: today
10:17:47 AM: Mark: lol
10:17:48 AM: Kirk: i'm hearing 3-1
10:17:48 AM: Edward: when kirk msgs it
10:17:55 AM: Kirk: nordia ur gonna be a habitual violator
10:17:58 AM: Kirk: no club apparel
10:18:19 AM: Kirk: just playing nordia u know u my dog
10:18:23 AM: Kirk: jean are cool
10:18:23 AM: Elizabeth: ha!
10:18:37 AM: Nordia: hahaha
10:18:46 AM: Nordia: this ain't club apperal honey
10:18:52 AM: Kirk: no?
10:18:59 AM: Nordia: nope
10:19:08 AM: Kirk: oh god i gotta see u at the club what do u wear?
10:19:11 AM: Nordia: what club u go to?
10:19:20 AM: Kirk: loin cloths and pasties?
10:19:38 AM: Nordia: funny
10:19:44 AM: Kirk: hahah i'm just teasing u
10:19:53 AM: Kirk: i dont go to clubs i'm on my house party grind
10:19:53 AM: Elizabeth: haaaaaaaaa
10:19:57 AM: Kirk: its a recession
10:20:06 AM: Nordia: what looks worst my apperal or the women who come in hear like they just rolled out of bed?

ok so yes i am an instigator for laughing in the chat... however, is this chick for real? she is obviously retarded... i mean i know my blog posts are riddled with punctuation and grammar errors... i know this... but i also know the difference between hear and here, worst and worse, and apparel... i don't know what the eff apperel is. maybe it's her too small clothes.. hmmmm

i laughed out loud for real at loin cloths and pasties. that is HILARIOUS!